AURA Perfume Trio

AURA Perfume Trio


All three of our prized essential oil perfumes. Wrapped and ready to gift a loved one or as a treat for yourself!

Organic Ingredients: Essential Oils derived from their source at ayurvedic distillers.

10ml amber glass roll-on


* 100% Organic Ingredients
* No artificial dyes, colors, phthalates, or parabens
* No preservatives
* GMO free
* Therapeutic grade ingredients
* Individually and mindfully handcrafted to order
* Made in America


We are NOT responsible for adverse reactions you may have to our essential oil blends. Always test a small area of skin with any skincare product prior to use.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Comprised of wildcrafted botanical oils and 100% plant-based. Potency increases over time.

Allergen Information: Please be aware that these essential oils are distilled in environments that may also produce nut oils.
We recommend storing in a cool dark place away from heat, humidity and light. This will help maintain the effectiveness of the antioxidants and nutrients in the oils.

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