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Join us on a sensory journey to a timeless place where self-care rituals are organic, luxurious and transformative.

The Bath Blessings line of highly aromatic bath & beauty rituals are crafted in small batches with organic, plant-based ingredients sourced from their indigenous harvesting locations.


Our products are:

  wildcrafted     vegetarian     gluten-free    cruelty-free     non-gmo     paraben-free     phthlate-free

    petroleum-free     glycol-free     mineral oil-free     paraffin-free     silicone-free     sulfate-free    

phosphate-free    BHA&BHT-free     earth-friendly     talc-free     dye-free


Bliss Beads Aromatherapy Bracelets

Set Your Intentions & Breathe in bliss

Mala bracelets have been used for centuries in the East to stimulate positive intentions during meditation and prayer. Daily focus on positive intentions reinforces their manifestation in our lives. Our Bliss Beads takes this tradition one step further by also providing the benefits of aromatherapy to the wearer. Each one of these semi-precious stone bracelets were designed with a specific intention in mind and includes a naturally porous lava bead that absorbs healing essential oils and diffuses it all day.  Makes a functional and unique gift--especially for yoga enthusiasts, business travelers and those in high-stress professions. Set your intentions and breath in the bliss!




A Deeper Connection Between Mind, Body, and Soul


Bath Blessings was born out of a desire to provide a deeper connection between mind, body, soul and skin through unique aromatherapeutic blends. We create luxuriously fragrant blends of high-quality, indigenously-sourced botanical ingredients to enhance your self-care rituals and support inner and outer healing. As we observed mass-produced, synthetic-laden products bloating the wellness market, and further adding to environmental degradation, we were convinced it was time to offer a different promise of well-being....through organic, artisanal, Ayurveda-inspired wellness rituals.

Our mission, rooted in Ayurvedic philosophy, is not only about helping you care for your outer self, it is also about helping you care for your inner self through aromatherapeutic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, eco-conscious products. We believe it is possible to craft luxurious products that are safe yet effective and also environmentally-conscious....satisfying your body, mind & soul!

Please join us on this journey of holistic wellness.